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Our People

Our People

Administration & Property Management

Malcolm Ponnayan – Executive Director

Rowena Calame – Executive Assistant

Katie Noseworthy – Human Resources Manager

Stacey Jayne – Program Manager

Catharine Maxwell – Program Manager

Patricia Koopmans – Bookkeeper/Accounting

Cheryl Marett – Neeve & Seniors Service Coordinator 

Kathleen Fagan – Willow Place Service Coordinator

Maria Raymond – Outreach Service Coordinator

Abhijeet Singh – Human Resources Coordinator

Suzanne Atiyeh – Scheduling Facilitator

Jonathan Eramo – Willow Place Property Coordinator

Nicholas Baker – IT Assistant

Attendants, Personal Support Workers & Homemakers

For more information on Attendant/Personal Support Worker and Homemaker opportunities please visit our Employment Opportunities page.

Board of Directors

Board members are appointed at our Annual General Meeting in June, and serve three (3) year terms, to a maximum of two (2) terms.

The current Guelph Independent Living Board Members are:

Cindy Kinnon – Chair

Mike Greer – Vice Chair

Lindsay Lennox

Chris Meilleur

Eleanor Ross

Lindsay Sieben


If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please visit our Employment page.