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Homemaking for Seniors

Homemaking for Seniors

Homemaking for Seniors Program Overview

The Home Help program matches eligible applicants with homemakers to assist with routine household activities to improve quality of life. Homemakers can assist with activities such as: light housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation and laundry. The client pays an hourly rate directly to the homemaker for the service provided; there is a two (2) hour minimum per visit.

To qualify for the Home Help program, clients must:

  • be unable to carry out homemaking tasks;
  • be a frail senior or an adult with a disability;
  • live alone or with someone who is unable to assist; and
  • live in the City of Guelph or the immediate surrounding area.

Home Help does not provide transportation services or personal care.

For more information on the Home Help program, please call:

(519) 836-4445

Stacey Jayne
Program Manager
(519) 836-1812, ext. 222